dünn solo passcase(デュン ソロパスケース)でお出かけをもっと快適に。5つのメリットをまとめてみました。

Make your outings more comfortable with the dünn solo passcase. I have summarized 5 benefits.

"dünn solo passcase" was released in mid-July. This is the ultimate thin pass case. The number of sheets stored is only one. But that's not the only feature. In this article, we have summarized 5 reasons why we recommend the Dune Solo Pass Case for everyday use! If you like it, you can make a purchase at the web shop. Once you have one IC card, don't you find it difficult to use other cards? Typical pass cases have multiple pockets, but if you have fewer cards than pockets, we recommend the Dun Solo Pass Case. In order to take advantage of the material's thickness of 0.5mm, we prioritized softness, resulting in only one pocket. The size is just right for IC cards. The material used is genuine leather with a thickness of 0.5mm. The leather is cut to the thinnest thickness possible to maintain the strength of the product. Even though it's this thin, it's still genuine leather. The cards inside are well protected. And thinner also means lighter. It's only 10g light, so it won't be heavy even if you put it in your bag. In order to be thin and light, the design must also be simple. It has an extremely simple design, simply folding a piece of genuine leather in half and sewing it together. A clothoid curve is adopted for the curve of the outlet. A clothoid curve is a type of transition curve. A smooth, natural curve that is also used for road curves. All curved parts of the dünn series are made of clothoid curves. The color of genuine leather tends to be dark. The calm atmosphere is nice, but it just doesn't match the concept of dünn, which is ``I want people to enjoy going out more easily and easily.'' Therefore, we deliberately chose a crisp color that does not look like leather. It has the solid feel of genuine leather, but is casual with a pop of color. I think you can wear genuine leather without worrying too much. Now, the most important color variations are the following 10 colors. Blue-based ・Blue black ・Cobalt blue ・Sky blue Red-based ・Red ・Magenta ・Lilac Orange-based ・Orange ・Yellow ・Beige Green-based ・Green We have selected similar colors with different tones, so you are sure to find one you like! By the way, sky blue seems to be popular right now. Maybe because it's a hot summer, bright colors are popular. The parts of the dünn reel strap (sold separately) are large, so you can hang up to two Solo Pass cases. Since only one card can be placed in the Solo Pass case, you can identify the card inside by the color of the main body. Even when you're rushing through the ticket gates on a busy morning, you can easily select the card by looking at the color of the card♪ I also recently switched from the pass case that I had been using for many years to this dünn solo passcase. I did. My bag quickly fills up with my personal belongings, so I try to keep small items like my pass case compact and pack as many things as I want to take with me. The dünn solo passcase was perfect for my bag situation! Highly recommended for those who want to reduce the amount of luggage in their bags, or those who want to pack their luggage and want to cut down on what they can. https://dunnleather.com/products/dsp/