dünn ID holder(デュン IDホルダー)はこんなに薄いのに高機能。社員証入れとしても使えて、軽いから肩こり解消にも。

dünn ID holder is so thin yet highly functional. It can also be used as an employee ID holder, and since it's lightweight, it can also relieve stiff shoulders.

If you always have an ID holder hanging around your neck, even the slightest weight can feel like a burden. This dünn ID holder is recommended for those who are suffering from neck and shoulder fatigue. We strived to keep both the main body and the strap light, resulting in a light weight of only 30g. The leather used for the main body is genuine leather cut down to a thickness of 0.5mm. Even at this thinness, the unique feel of leather remains. In addition, the strap is made of polyester material. Because it is hardened with heat, it has excellent water resistance and there is no need to worry about color fading. Although it is extremely light, it is a material that is strong against friction and pulling force. If you look at the product, you will notice that there are three eyelets. You can attach a strap here, and depending on how you attach it, you can wear it in two ways, either vertically or horizontally. Even on the side. Even vertically. If you have business cards in both portrait and landscape formats, you can use this one for both types of business cards. One thing I worry about when holding it vertically is that the business card will fall out. Therefore, we sewed a stopper on the inside of the dünn ID holder using the same material as the card window. Your business card will be stuck here. The stopper is also thin, so it does not spoil the overall atmosphere of the ID holder. This ID holder has a simple appearance and is packed with simple but useful functions. https://dunnleather.com/products/did/