dünn one pencover(デュン ワンペンカバー)は薄いから、どこに入れても使いやすい!スーツやペンケースに入れて試してみました。

dünn one pencover is thin, so it's easy to use no matter where you put it! I tried putting it in my suit and pencil case.

When you buy something, there are many things you think about, such as how you will use it or how much your life will be enriched if you have it. Since you can only see images online, you may be hesitant to buy because you don't really understand what the product is like. So, in this article, we tried storing the dünn one pencover in various places to see how it feels! I hope this helps you with your shopping. Let's start by introducing the Dune One Pen Cover. When you think of a single fountain pen, you probably think of one that is large, thick, and bulky. Since your fountain pen is so important, there is nothing you can do to protect it from falling or colliding with other items in your bag. However, in that case, you will have to carry just one fountain pen separately from other stationery. That means you end up with more baggage, and you end up forgetting it at home. At DUNE, we thought about how we could bring our precious fountain pens closer to us and make it easier to carry them around. Therefore, we decided to create a product that specializes in the function of a single holder to protect the surface from scratches and dirt. The soft, thin leather fits the surface of the pen. There are slits of different lengths on the top and bottom, so please hook it according to the clip position of your fountain pen. Since it's only covered with 0.5mm thin genuine leather, it feels almost the same as holding a fountain pen without anything on it. Let's carry around a fountain pen with a one-pen cover in this state. Many people keep frequently used pens in their suit breast pockets. It's fine if you only have one pen, but if you insert two or three pens together, the pens will come into contact with each other. I think it would be a shame to leave a luxury item covered in scratches. A one-pen cover doesn't add much bulk, so you can put it in your breast pocket as usual. You can also clip it to your pocket. This also prevents pens from coming into contact with each other. I would like to use a pen case when I want to carry multiple fountain pens or stationery other than fountain pens with me. In such cases, if you attach the one pen cover and store it in the pen case, you can carry it around without worrying about the fountain pen getting scratched. The key point is that it doesn't feel like it's an extra effort because you just slide the fountain pen in and out. I think there is a lot of pressure on people to think about what to do if their precious fountain pen gets damaged. I hope I can help you get out of that cramped feeling. You can purchase it at the online shop below. There is also a detailed explanation of the product, so please take a look. https://dunnleather.com/products/dop/