dünn passport & pencase(デュンパスポート&ペンケース)をしばらく使ってみた。ためしてビックリ!なんと◯本もペンが入るとは!

I've been using dünn passport & pencase for a while. I tried it and was surprised! Surprisingly, a book can also hold a pen!

If you're going to introduce a product to people, you have to know more about it than anyone else. There are many things that you will understand for the first time when you use it. So, I would like to report on the usability of my company's products after actually using them.

The one I've been using a lot lately is this dünn passport & pencase. It's just the right size to fit your passport, so you can keep it together when traveling. The perfect size to use as a pencil case. I keep all the writing instruments I use at work in this. I usually only keep 5 fountain pens in there, but with this amount they line up horizontally in a row in my pen case.

That's why it's so thick. The leather is only 0.5mm thick, so it feels like the thickness of the pen is the same as the thickness of the pen case.

The leather, which was shiny and shiny at first, gradually began to wear out as it was being rolled around in my bag.

Since it is chrome-tanned leather, there is no noticeable change, but I feel that it has become softer and feels better in my hands while still looking nice. I'm looking forward to using it more and more and seeing what happens next.


Anyway, the leather is soft, so you won't feel stressed while using it. Even though it's so thin and soft, it doesn't suffer much damage even though it gets crumpled up in my bag, so I think it's quite durable.

The gusset of dünn passport & pencase looks like this.

Until I started using this, I thought that this type of gusset would not open very much. There may be some gusset, but I don't think the capacity will increase that much. However, this is more widespread than it appears.

I took a closer look at the contents and took a photo. This pencil case is made of genuine leather with a thickness of 0.5mm, so it is extremely flexible. I tried to see how much it could fit with this thinness.

Try filling your pencil case until it's just one step away from screaming. It's getting pretty stiff (lol)

There are only 13 pens in the box. If you have only thin pens, it will fit more.

The reason why it can fit this much even though it is thin is because the width is wide enough to hold a passport, but the reason why it can fit this much without feeling constricting, which is typical of large-capacity pencil cases, is probably due to the thinness of the leather. I think. What did you think? This time we introduced it as a pen case, so from now on we would like to show you the dünn passport & pencase as a travel case and multi-purpose case. For detailed product information and purchasing information, please click on the banner below. Please take a look at this article as well! ! https://dunnleather.com/products/dpp/