dünn reel strap(デュン リールストラップ)は軽くて丈夫!普段使いにおすすめしたい5つの理由。

dünn reel strap is light and durable! 5 reasons why I recommend it for everyday use.

"dünn solo passcase" was released in mid-July. The ``dünn reel strap'' was released at the same time to match its simple body. In this article, we have summarized 5 reasons why we recommend the Dun Reel Strap for everyday use! If you like it, you can make a purchase at the web shop. Dun reel straps are available in 10 colors. Blue-based ・Blue black ・Cobalt blue ・Sky blue Red-based ・Red ・Magenta ・Lilac Orange-based ・Orange ・Yellow ・Beige Green-based ・Green Try choosing a color that matches your favorite bag that you often use, or choose one that suits your taste. Choose a cool sky blue for the hot summer, or a rich orange for the upcoming season. Please find this one color♪ The reel part is made of the same material used for the Solo Pass case. If you use the same color as the main body, it will look neat, but we also recommend trying a slightly different combination of similar colors or choosing the opposite color. The strap part is made of polyester. It is knitted and hardened with heat, so it is extremely durable. It is also water resistant and does not fade. Even if you pull it out of your bag in a hurry when passing through the ticket gate every day, or even if it gets wet from rain or sweat, it will remain clean. Polyester straps are not only durable, but also look and feel light. Perfect for when you want to go out with as little luggage as possible. One key ring is included. Attach your favorite key chain, attach your keys, or use it as you like. If you don't use it, you can remove it and use it more easily. This is the first time I've used a strap with a reel on this product, and I'm not sure how convenient it is. I thought it was great that it was compact when not in use and could be extended only when in use (lol) There are also advantages to non-reel type straps, but now that I know these advantages, I would recommend this one. I'll try. https://dunnleather.com/products/dsp/