dünn thought. That means I want to meet lots of people. For interior lifestyle.

Finally, all the preparations are finished. The only thing left to do is to do our best locally.

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo is finally opening.

From last month to this month, there was a flurry of production, from product planning to booth presentation and promotional materials. I felt like I was treading on thin ice when submitting a catalog... I used to do DTP, so I thought it was a bad idea to do the creative work myself, but I was thrilled to imagine that everything from directing to finalizing the details was lined up with something that had my blood running through it. To do. This is what I felt in last year's Interior Lifestyle.

My goal is not to carry things, but to meet people.

This is the origin of dünn's philosophy. You can go anywhere as light as possible without having to worry about things like "Where is that?" or "Did I take this?" We aim to create products that will help maintain this state. The design is extremely simple. So that it is still beautiful. For example, this new product, the solo pass case . This project was born out of brainstorming with the store, and at first I thought for a moment, ``What about a pass case that only has one card?'', but when I tried to match it to my lifestyle, I realized that it was a pass case that only had one card. IC cards are fixed. I thought that this would be the same for many people, and since the idea of ​​the product and dünn's philosophy matched very well, I immediately thought, ``I want to make it!'' and started making it. By narrowing down the functions, it becomes simple and easy to understand. I am proud that we have created a good product that is a condensation of these thoughts.

I want to dye it my own color. Thoughts put into Altern.

While pursuing simplicity, our commitment to carefully selected items becomes even stronger. We believe that the Werk leather used by dünn is an extremely excellent material and can fully meet these demands, but due to the magical charm of leather, we have a higher desire to dye it to our own color and use it while aging. You will be able to hold it. Altern leather is the answer to that desire. When you pick it up, you will be instantly captivated by its sticky texture. The Worldwallet is especially impressive, and is a simple billfold made from leather. When you use Altern leather, it instantly gives you a classy look. I'm really looking forward to seeing this product as soon as possible.

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2017 Overview

I'm sorry, but I'll post the information. If you have any questions regarding your visit, please feel free to contact us. See you at the venue!