Wing Wallet ミートアップイベントin新橋 終了しました!

Wing Wallet Meetup Event in Shinbashi has ended!

I would like to meet the supporters of "dünn wing wallet" which is currently crowdfunding ! We planned a meetup event with this in mind. It ended successfully. Thank you very much to everyone who came and supported us! I usually broadcast podcasts , so I can easily listen to people's stories and draw out their stories, but I don't often have the opportunity to continue talking about myself unilaterally, so I started a talk session. We were very nervous. However, the warm reactions from the visitors quickly put us at ease, and we had fun talking about how a printing shop came to be able to start a leather products business and how it felt to try crowdfunding. I was able to do so. I was really happy because I don't often have the opportunity to talk with people who actually supported us and people who use dünn products on a daily basis. I am truly grateful and wonderful that my passion for the product that I wanted and created was conveyed to someone I had never met and was accepted, and that the product was able to meet such people. felt. I once again realized that we need to carefully convey to many users the thoughts we want to convey and achieve with the product dünn. The discussion was fun, and I regret that we weren't able to talk much about values, but I'll continue to share that on my blog and SNS. New Shinbashi Coworking, which cooperated with us at the venue, also warmly participated in the event, and it was a lot of fun to talk with them about the current state of crowdfunding. Thank you for your cooperation!