I want to carry the real thing, and it's light.

In a world where the web and SNS are becoming more widespread, the distance between people's hearts is becoming closer and closer.
In this age of connecting with people all over the world, we want to keep our footwork as light as possible.
At the very least, I want to carry around my personal belongings lightly.

However, I want it to be "real".

dünn is a German word meaning "thin".
We design the thinnest leather products ever made that are made in Japan.

Make your life lighter and richer.

Thoughts behind the name “dünn”

“Dünn” is a German word that means “thin.”
In katakana, the closest sound is "dan".
In Japanese, we call it "dun" to make it easier to pronounce.

Adding the word “thin” to the brand name itself is because
First of all, I was shocked when I encountered this material, ``dünn leather.''
It is also the antithesis of the image that leather products are thick, sturdy and luxurious.

dünn was created in pursuit of "paper-like leather."
In the first place, the development of ``CARDRIDGE'', a business card holder made of paper.
Cartridges can be used as a secondary business card holder by inserting them into your notebook or wallet.
We have gained support from many customers because they can solve those ``happening'' moments when they forget their business card.

After that, I decided to use it as my main item or use it as a money clip due to its ease of use.
We have received many requests for this,
If I was going to use it as a main item, I strongly felt that I wanted to make it out of genuine leather.

And after many processes, "CARDRIDGE dünn" was born.

The magical charm of leather as a material

It was around 2013 that I started thinking about making leather products.
I moved from working at a manufacturer to my current workplace.
It was during this period that I gradually became involved in manufacturing while working mainly in design direction.

I was introduced to this by an acquaintance I met at a cross-industry networking event,
I actually went to see a tannery in Himeji.
At that time, I really wanted to make something.
(I'll show that on another occasion)
From the actual tanning process to on-site sewing,
Along with studying a lot,
I learned that there are many difficult problems involved in production.

Leather is a very mysterious and attractive material.
Originally made from animal skin, it is durable and can be used for a long time.
People put important things inside leather, such as shoes, wallets, and bags.
Even though many digital devices have become widespread, the more we use them, the more
One thinks of wrapping it in leather.
I'm sure it's because you can feel the warmth in the touch and the atmosphere it creates.
And it's not just the charm of the material;
Isn't it because even now, it is made by many people's hands?

The beginning of soft leather products

After encountering "dünn leather",
I've always wondered how much lighter I'd be if I could get everything around me like this.
I've been thinking about this.

Nowadays, LCC has appeared and we have wonderful infrastructure, so we want to minimize the stress of traveling as much as possible.
We design a variety of products with a focus on how light you can be.

Make your life easier.
dünn's challenge has only just begun.

Company Profile

Company name: Rondo Kobo Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Shota Arakawa Address: 2-15-6 Hanakawa, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 555-0023