Thin and light business card holder that can be placed in your notebook or wallet CARDRIDGE dunn

The body of the business card holder CARDRIDGE dunn is approximately 1.5mm thin. Approximately 5 to 7 business cards can be stored. This is approximately the same number of coins that a typical business person exchanges in a day.

Although it is thin enough to fit in your breast pocket, it has the supple texture of genuine leather, making it a smart way to exchange business cards. By taking out all the business cards you exchanged at the end of the day and sorting them out, you can easily organize your information.

The curve of the open body part is a "clothoid curve" with mathematical beauty. You can smoothly insert and remove business cards. Also, even when the lid is closed, you can still see a little bit of the contents inside.
This gap acts as a balance checker designed to ensure that you never run out of business cards.

The thickness of the paper-like leather is only 0.5mm.

Paper-thin leather is created through the hands of tanners in Himeji and craftsmen in Japan. The leather is soft and cannot be shaped as it is, but by applying a special back treatment, we create crisp and firm dünn leather. CARDRIDGE, which is a symbol of the dünn brand, was created with the desire to carry your business cards with you anytime, anywhere and cherish each encounter you make.

Even if you are not good at introducing yourself, you can learn the other person's name by exchanging business cards. This may seem obvious, but it's a welcome custom for Japanese people, who tend to be shy. By conveying the texture and presence of a product, you can make the other person have an impression of yourself. With the spread of SNS, the number of business card exchanges has decreased, but that's why we want to cherish this precious opportunity. With CARDRIDGE, you will never miss a chance to meet anyone.

Thin and light CARDRIDGE can be used in various places. You can put it in your wallet and use it to organize your cards, or you can put it in your notebook to manage stickers and message cards. You can also keep it in your suit pocket as an extra business card holder.

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CARDRIDGE dünn business card holder

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Product name CARDRIDGE dünn
Exterior size 70 x 107 x 10mm
body size 62 x 100 x 1.5mm
weight 5g
material Domestic genuine leather


dünn products are created by the hands of many craftsmen who are particular about Made in Japan. Dünn leather, which is 0.4 to 0.5 mm thick, is usually used as a lining. The actual sewing work is done carefully by hand, one by one, at a factory in Osaka. The use of domestically produced silver-finished (ginzuki, tomo) leather creates a finish that matches the dünn brand concept of "lightness."
Please take a look at how dünn products are born.

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