Large and thin minimal wallet that can be used without folding bills dunn 6wings wallet

The long wallet size can hold 6 cards.
I made the bill compartment in two places, so you can store bills and receipts separately.
You can carry bills and receipts without folding them, so even though you can store plenty of them, they are not bulky and are extremely portable.
You can also put it in a pouch or thin pocket of your bag.

dünn 6wings wallet is an ultra-thin long wallet. It has an unusual design that allows it to be opened like a book. With 6 card slots and 2 bill compartments, it has plenty of storage space even though it is thin.

The thickness is approximately 1cm when storing 6 credit cards, 11 bills, and 30 receipts. By specializing in storing only thin items, we have achieved a practical and compact size.

If you store your coins, cards, keys, etc. in the dünn coin & cardcase and carry it along with the dünn wing wallet, you will have an extremely small and ultra-thin wallet set recommended for minimalists.

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dünn 6wings wallet long wallet

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Product name dünn 6wings wallet
Exterior size 115 x 220 x 14mm
body size 102 x 182 x 5mm
weight 40g
material Domestic genuine leather

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dünn products are created by the hands of many craftsmen who are particular about Made in Japan. Dünn leather, which is 0.4 to 0.5 mm thick, is usually used as a lining. The actual sewing work is done carefully by hand, one by one, at a factory in Osaka. The use of domestically produced silver-finished (ginzuki, tomo) leather creates a finish that matches the dünn brand concept of "lightness."
Please take a look at how dünn products are born.

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