Almost business card size, updated business card holder MUZOSA CARDRIDGE

A business card holder created in collaboration with MUZOSA that "updates the empty-handed style."
A place to meet and greet everyone who works at MUZOSA CARDRIDGE.
Create a style that will make you remember your absolutely indispensable business card.
We have jointly developed with dunn a high-quality, ultra-small and ultra-thin business card holder that fits perfectly inside MUZOSA.
Due to the diversification of work styles due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, business styles and belongings have changed significantly.
It was created in pursuit of a business card holder that is necessary in today's times.
MUZOSA CARDRIDGE, an unforgettable ultra-small and ultra-thin leather business card holder, will update your empty-handed style to the next generation.

Paper-thin leather is created through the hands of tanners in Himeji and craftsmen in Japan. The leather is soft and cannot be shaped as it is, but by applying a special back treatment, we create crisp and firm dünn leather. The simple structure of only folding allows you to enjoy the thinness that is the strength of dünn leather.

What is noteworthy is its small size. It's as compact as a business card, so it fits neatly into a small wallet. It has a smart design with no waste whatsoever, and it is also a great feature that it does not affect the usability of the wallet.

The flat shape of ``MUZOSA CARDRIDGE'' allows you to insert and remove it smoothly as if you were holding a business card itself. Gently slip it into a small gap in your wallet or smartphone case.

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MUZOSA CARDRIDGE business card holder

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Exterior size 100 x 148 x 3mm
body size 57 x 93 x 1.5mm
weight 5g
material Domestic genuine leather

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孝雄 幸木

一つ難を言うとすれば、色の名称です。黒は年寄臭いしカラフルなのはちょっとと思い、なぜこげ茶とかないんだろうと思っていたら、ランプブラックというのがそれでした。買って届いて初めてわかりました。(パソコン画面では色がわかりにくかった) もっとわかりやすい色の名にすれば買いやすいのにと思いました。


dünn products are created by the hands of many craftsmen who are particular about Made in Japan. Dünn leather, which is 0.4 to 0.5 mm thick, is usually used as a lining. The actual sewing work is done carefully by hand, one by one, at a factory in Osaka. By using domestically produced silver leather, the finish is in keeping with the dünn brand concept of "lightness."
Please take a look at how dünn products are born.

Commitment to quality