dunn M5 & M6 Accessories

Accessory series for mini 5-hole and mini 6-hole system notebooks.

Close to life

Small notebooks are slowly becoming more popular. It has become a presence that accepts all the events that occur in our lives.

Some people use it not only as a scheduler, but also as a scrapbook, ticket holder, wallet, business card holder, or card holder.

We focused on the mini 5-hole system notebook, which can be carried around every day and is like a ``case for important things'' with notes attached, and decided to develop an accessory for it.

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As a new initiative using dunn leather, we received offers from users of mini 5-hole system notebooks and stores that carry them asking if we could make some goods.

When I tried using dunn leather as an underlay, I found that the thinness and softness matched perfectly, making it very easy to write with, especially when using a fountain pen.

After that, we worked out the product lineup and specifications over and over again to find out what would be easy to use.

(As an underlay, I was able to create an original Dialogue Note underlay based on this idea.)

The key to a comfortable writing experience is that it is just the right amount of softness to sink in and accept the pen tip. This is especially suitable for fountain pen writing. Since you can write as if you were always carrying a desk mat with you, the pressure of the pen is naturally reduced, allowing you to write down your thoughts smoothly.

For several years now, there has been a revival boom in mini 5-hole notebooks. I have personally experienced the trend of having a system planner in addition to a regular planner through user events and other events.

In today's world, where the experience of writing on paper is becoming more and more special, the concept of carrying important things in a compact way is similar to dunn's product image.

After that, we decided to develop a mini 6-hole system notebook version, which had received a lot of attention from the time it was first announced.

In order to achieve the comfortable writing experience created by dunn's thinness and compactness in the mini 6-hole series, we have made subtle adjustments to the size and balance. In addition, the dunn M6 cardcase is now available as a new optional part limited to the mini 6-hole series. A card case that can compactly store business cards and cards, and is both convenient and stylish.

This series is a must-have for those who use fountain pens, glass pens, or other tools that are particular about writing.